Il Castello Scaligero di Torri del Benaco


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Il Castello Scaligero di Torri del Benaco

The Scaliger Castle of Torri del Benaco

The present castle at Torri del Benaco was built on the orders of Antonio della Scala in 1383 on the ruins of a previous one, dating back to the Xth century, of which the West Tower still remains.
           In 1760 the second curtain wall was pulled down to make way for the Lemon Grove. The decline of the Castle was ended in 1980 when the Commune of Torri put in hand its complete restoration under the architect Rudi Arrigo.

Le origini di Torri del Benaco

The Scaliger Castle Museum

La sala dei Calafati

1. Caulker Room

This section shows the work of the boatbuilders and caulkers, craftsmen dedicated to the building and repairing of fishing boats.

Sala dell'Olio di Oliva 2. The Olive Room

The room illustrates the cultivation of olives, the main economic activity of the countryside around the Upper Lake. The tools on show are particularly interesting, especially the sledge and the small home press for oil.
La sala dell'Olio di Oliva

3. Olive Press

In this section there is a reconstruction of an olive press. The parts in stone are original and date back to Roman times, these are for crushing the olives.

La sala della pesca

4. Fishing Room

This hall was the first in Italy to be entirely dedicated to fresh-water fishing. It brings together extremely rare antique nets, a flat-bottomed Gondola, as used on Lake Garda, and an almost complete collection of nets equipment used by the fishermen on our Lake.

La serra dei limoni

5. The Conservatory

Backing onto the south facing wall of the castle is one of the few remaining groves for citrus fruit still in use on Garda. It was built in 1760.

Il Panorama dai camminamenti

6. The Towers

There is a magnificent view from the battlements over the little harbour and ancient roofs of Torri, as wellas almost the whole of the Lake from Sirmione to Limone.


La sala degli Antichi Originari

7. Original Founder Room

In this room there are documents tracing the history and activities of Original Founders of the Fishermans Guild of Torri and Garda, founded in 1452  and still in existance. The net on display is a remt used for catching shad at Pal del V.

La sala del Plastico

8. The Model Room

The model shows Torri as it was in the early 1900s. The two big maps, Venetian period, give a clear and detailed idea of Torri and its land as it was at the end of the 18th century.

La sala delle Incisioni Rupestri

9. Rock Engravings Room
This section shows by means of maps and casts the interesting and unusual engravings of the Garda area. A great many examples are found in the Torri area, some of which are prehistoric.

Route map

Translation by Katie Ellis

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